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Coffee Roasting

Visit us every day at the Convent Bakery for freshly roasted beans.

Choose from a variety of single origin organic and fair trade beams, a great opportunity to discuss directly with the our staff any questions you may have relating to variety of beans, grinders, domestic & commercial coffee machines, blends, country of origin and any questions you may have relating to Organic coffee and Fair Trade.

All coffees served here at the Bakery are made with our own blend of Fairtrade Organic coffee. Come at the Bakery to try!

 All our coffee beans are certified Organic which ensures the protection of ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them.

Direct to Public Retail Prices 

  • Convent Blend or Single origin: 1kg  $24,   250gr $7,  
  • Decaf: 1kg $28,   250gr  $8

We no longer sell Honduras, Mexico and Indonesia 

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Fairtrade & Organic Certified Single Origins Available:

  • Convent Blend
  • PNG Purosa Fairtrade Organic
  • Colombia Equidad Fairtrade Organic
  • Peru Paraiso Perdido Fairtrade Organic
  • Cascadia Fairtrade & Organic Decaf Blend
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Fairtrade Organic

Coffee RoastingConvent Bakery Fairtrade Organic Blend
Convent Bakery FLO ID: 23553
for more information regarding Fairtrade please visit

Convent Bakery
Certified Organic roaster, processor & retailer
OFC (Organic Food Chain) #0577

HACCP approved food management system for coffee beans

Please note we roast a variety of different organic beans every week, a selection of single origin coffee beans is available in all our stores. We can grind your fresh beans to suit any plunger, stove top, or espresso machine.

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